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I’ve been working with Alistair for three years. In this time, he has helped me significantly grow my business. He has helped me set goals and work towards achieving them.

Alistair is very likeable, and his easy but focussed manner means that his coaching sessions are always productive. During the sessions he really takes time to understand any issues that I need to discuss. Over the past few years he has taken time to learn about my business and got to know my staff. I’ve found this invaluable especially when dealing with staffing issues.

Alistair has a background in accountancy which is also a great help to me and my business. I recently changed from being a sole trader to a Limited Company and Alistair has really helped me with understanding the financial implications of this change in business entity.

I’ve always found Alistair willing and approachable if I need to speak to him out-with our coaching services. He never judges, just tries to help find workable solutions to any business issues/problems I’ve encountered.

I would highly recommend Alistair’s business coaching services to any business serious about achieving their goals.


Kirsten Boston

Managing Director


On Site Generation


Alistair has been a valued adviser to On Site Generation over the years.  Initially providing support on marketing and growing the business, Alistair’s financial skills have also been an asset to the process and he supported the development of our financial budgeting and accounting systems. 

We have since brought in new bookkeeping & accounting services and a web based accounts package which have been key to the success of the company.

It is always enjoyable working with Alistair, the enthusiasm, resolve and experience he brings is very much appreciated at On Site Generation.


Richard Witney



The Aerial Man


Alistair has always been a good source of guidance and inspiration for me and my business. He is very patient and thorough and has a good understanding of business structures and figures.

As well as helping with the financials of the business, he’s also has a real understanding of people, which is most important.

I wouldn highly recommend Alistair to anyone who would like to improve their business and methods.


Nicola Henderson



The Oven Wizard


I met Alistair a few of years ago at a Networking Event. At that time, I was employed, but looking to set up on my own. I was impressed on how Alistair simplified the elements of running your own business with his in-depth knowledge of Finance, Marketing and Business Systemisation. This helped me take the decision to make the transformation with confidence, knowing that I now had a resource in Alistair, who could guide and help drive me and my business to success.

Now, a few years further down the line I have expanded my business activities and employed staff. Alistair helps you to release the inner drive you need to run your business, combined with encouragement and professional support to help grow your business to the next level.


Mike O’neill


Complete Movement


As a small business owner, working with Alistair gave me tools and a level of understanding which have stayed with me over a number of years to help me grow my business.

After years in Senior Management roles in the Corporate world, I had a good degree of professionalism and a vision of where I wanted my own business to go. When I started out on my own, the fact that decisions didn’t need multiple layers of sign off was empowering and exciting.

However, a year in and the realisation had started to dawn that this also meant that everything depended on me and, as things became more complex, I was struggling to prioritise. Alistair helped me by sharing his valuable insight in how to grow a business and by giving me tools and techniques which, on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis help me to get the most out of my valuable time.

My advice for anyone starting a business is to get Alistair in as early as possible to help you with processes and techniques that will help you build sustainable growth from the beginning.


Maureen Evans




Food Monsters


Alistair provided support for my sole trader business, with a particular focus on marketing, which is not my area of expertise! He suggested some very useful tools to keep track of my tasks and my marketing contacts.

We worked through several challenges during one-to-one meetings and also using Skype. Ultimately the results the business achieves are down to my actions and behaviours, and it has been helpful to explore and understand the impact of these in order to make conscious decisions about how to spend my time.

It is not easy being a sole trader and having a business coach like Alistair definitely helped me to make progress. 


Claire Burrell



Dionne & Colin Read


Colin and I would like to thank you for putting together a truly inspirational Time Management Course.

Running a franchise with 300 Entrepeneur’s has its challenges, but you were able to suggest some great techniques to help reduce our ‘working’ time and focus on what we SHOULD actually be doing.

Every busy owner would benefit greatly from your course, so please be assured that we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to our friends, colleagues and business acquaintances.


Dionne & Colin Read

Executive Directors

BNI Scotland South & East




Thank you so much for your two-part Time Management Workshop, which I attended recently.

It was such a clever idea to run the two sessions four weeks apart. Part one, and the preparatory homework was an eye-opener – looking at the issues around my time management and what’s stopping SpeakLives from moving more effectively towards my business goals.

Part two, and what was practical to try and put into practice from Part One, was a great way of considering what behaviours (time wasters) could be changed into better habits.

Your knowledge of business, finance, systems and why people fall off the path of good time management is invaluable.

I would not hesitate to recommend your coaching and courses (I’ve also worked with you on your 100 Day Challenge Programme which was just as good) to businesses owners to help them find that 10 hours per week for THEMSELVES – striking a more acceptable balance between life and work.


Anne Reid





I have been working with Alistair since 2013 and prior to this I was working in my business when I should have been working on my business. Working with Alistair has given me the confidence to take a step back and look at my business model and get rid of the things that just aren’t working.

Currently we are woking towrads identifying my ideal client and how to grow the business. The target for the end of this year is to smash the £100K ceiling.

Alistair has given me the courage to increase my prices and my profits We have been steadily working on both my personal and professional goals. In turn, this has given me the courage to choose the clients I want to work with – which hasn’t been the case in the past.

I have followed Alistair’s systems and the rewards have been amazing. Without Alistair’s guidance and support my business wouldn’t have the strong foundations it has today.

On a personal note: at least one of my wildlife has been chosen to be used in the winter edition Wildlife Photography World.

Thanks Alistair, I would highly recommend Alistair if you want to increase your turnover and profit and reduce the time spent working in your business.


Mary McClymont

Accounting & Business Services


Financial Consultants


‘’If you have ever uttered the words, ‘There’s just not enough time in the day!’, then Alistair Summers.  Alistair helped with my time management using simple but effective techniques, making my day-to-day to-do list more realistic and manageable, and in turn, easing my everyday pressures. 

Thanks to Alistair, I am now more organised, efficient and content in my working life.  Thanks a million!’’


Amy Ballingall




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