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About Me 



I always loved helping my Dad. He was an engineer with the heart of an artist, a master craftsman who could build furniture and draw pictures, and he was an entrepreneur who ran a business – and he taught me to always Go the Extra Mile in everything I did. Whenever he was fixing the car, decorating, or building something – I was always there – holding the torch, finding the right spanner, trying to find the best way to do something… keeping him company.

More recently I’ve realised that’s part of what I do with my clients. I love working with people with diverse skills and personalities who want to build great businesses that are profitable, sustainable and are a reflection of who they are.

I am by nature a fixer and a doer.

I enjoy both strategy and the detail and I love getting things done – especially when it’s about how people perform and the results they get.

Today – in everything you do – it’s not about what you do – but how you do it. It’s about the pursuit of excellence.

I love simplicty, creativity and innovation – especially when solving problems or leveraging opportunities.

Challenges and Opportunities

The last two years has seen uprecedented levels of uncertainty, challenges, and opportunities – a perfect storm of change. As a business owner you now need to be more entrepreneurial – spend less time working in the business and more time working on it. The old way of doing things needs to change – a reset of your business and how you do things needs to happen.

You’re probably wearing too many hats, trying to do too many things, not having enough time, and spending too much time working at the coal face.

You probably feel that you’re not really managing, controlling, or building your business.

That’s where I come in

Your business is made up of building blocks that fit and work together in a certain way – depending on what you want from your business. I can show you which building blocks you need, how to use them and then fit them together to get the results you want.

Maybe one day you’ll sell the business, maybe one day you’ll get someone to run it for you, maybe you want to leave a legacy – or maybe you’ll keep on working and doing what you love to do…

My passion is to help you build a great business where you can make More Profits, find More Time, and enjoy More Freedom – and perhaps even leave a Legacy.

… and I’ll always Go the Extra Mile.

My journey

I’ve worked with small and large companies – in private practice, in the commercial sector, the public sector, and the charity sector. I’ve been a Finance Director and an Operations Director – at the same time – and been responsible for a billion-pound operation … and I’ve worked for myself.

But I fell into the trap of corporate ‘burnout’ and found myself critically ill in hospital where life was about to take me on a new journey – one which included total paralysis and learning to walk again – but that’s another story…

But my journey back to health and running my own business has taught me valuable lessons; about family, friends, what success means, following my passions, about helping others . . . and a lot more.

Over the years my understanding of how businesses and their owners work, my management skills and my life experiences have helped me to develop a unique blend of business and personal development skills in the areas of business coaching, consultancy, and mentoring – with which I help my clients.

Most of all I love working with and supporting business owners by helping them to grow great businesses and enjoy the life they’ve always wanted.

Outside of work I have a great family – Rhona my wife and three great kids – Peter, Matthew and Claire – and not forgetting one of my best friends our border collie Ziva. She’s the one in the middle who wants to get to the other side of the wall but needs some help…

… just like some of my clients.


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