Improve Your Performance and Results – Just Execute

What seems like a long time ago I ran a Marathon.

The point is – I thought about running it, I decided to run it, I entered the race, I trained for the race – and I ran it.

I had a goal that I committed to – and I followed through by consistently training every week until the race – and I achieved my goal.

When I trained (execution) I could always measure and improve my performance to get better results – as long as I trained.

The harder you train – the better your performance and results. Bur you must commit to your goal – 100%.

Execution and Performance

You may have set some goals for your business – but unless you consistently take actions to achieve those goals – and then measure what you have achieved – how can you tell how you are doing or how far you have come?

If you run a mile in 10 minutes in week 1, then you run a mile in 8 minutes in week 12, and then you run a mile in 6 minutes in week 20 – you can measure how much you have improved and how far you have come. Especially if you thought it would take you 26 weeks to reach your goal of running a 6 minute mile.

We spend so much time analysing yesterday and worrying about tomorrow – that we lose our commitment and focus about what really needs to be done today to create the performance and results we desperately want.

The actions we need to take are overrun by the daily busyness and interuptions that rarely move us forward – but keep us treading water – and sometimes in ever decreasing circles!

What to Do?

Today is the bridge between what you did yesterday and what you will do tomorrow.

If today is a great day – where you take some action related to a goal that moves you forward – then tomorrow it will become a successful yesterday that will motivate you to make tomorrow even better. If you consistently follow this process every day your performance and results will improve dramatically over time

As we start the month of March – start focusing on your execution and performance on just one core goal – and see how far you get in the next four weeks.

If you want to improve your execution, performance and results – I’m going to be introducing a new programme and workshops focusing on just these areas in April.

Contact me for more information if your interested in making some changes that will make a real difference .

Have a great week.


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