4 Walls in Business Where You Get ‘Stuck’

I remember when I was in the TA having to run round an obstacle course – and literally running into an eight foot high wall. We were in a team and just to make things easy we had to carry a six foot heavy log. Wherever we went so did that log – and that meant over the wall too……

4 Walls in Business you Need to Climb

1. Getting The Right Things Done

You’re ‘Stuck’ – you need to kick-start your business to overcome specific challenges, focus on key opportunities, improve your performance and results, and start getting the important things done…

2. Too Many Things To Do

You’re ‘Stuck’ – you’re wearing too many hats, trying to do too many things, spending too much time on the detail, and your business has stopped growing or you can’t control the growth. You’d like to develop an exit strategy…

3. Working at The Coalface

You’re ‘Stuck’ – because you can’t step back and take time to ‘work on your business’ – to think and plan strategically – and make sure you are enjoying the journey…

4. Your Foundations are Built on Sand

You’re ‘Stuck’ yearly accounts, monthly accounts, forecasts or just management information can be very daunting – especially if there are pages and pages of figures which don’t seem to make sense to you ...

Back to my wall…..

We did get over that wall – because it was physical and we could see it and touch it – and if we didn’t move forward we didn’t get fed!

So we focused on the single problem at hand, came up with a solution, and tried it. It didn’t work – so we kept coming up with solutions until we got over that wall. And what a great feeling it was.

The trouble with being a business owner is that you don’t always have a team to help you get over that wall – the wall isn’t always something tangible that you can touch – and you’re usually surrounded by walls.

So what do you do ….. you handle them ‘one wall at a time’. First you need to make sure you’re climbing the right wall – then you need to focus on coming up with solutions for getting over that wall – and then you execute them until you succeed.

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