Do you want to be Jack or Harry in 2017

There are two fruit growers – Jack and Harry. They both started out with a few trees – apples, pears and plums. Over the years their businesses grew very differently. They both had land to extend their orchards.

Jack loved tending to the trees and collecting the crops each year – he wanted something that he could always be involved in – and he was always ‘scared’ of employing more people in case he didn’t have enough fruit to sell and cover their wages.

The business got stuck on a growth plateau. Jack worked 60 hours every week, he didn’t take many holidays as he had no one to cover what he did – a bit of marketing, the accounts, the computer system was always crashing so he had read up on how to fix it…you get the picture. 

Jack still works 60 hours every week.

Harry loved tending to the trees but he also loved tending to the business. He had a picture of what he wanted his business to look like in 10 years time and how he saw his role changing over that time. He wanted to grow the business so that he could delegate all those jobs that he had to be involved in at the beginning so he could spend more time running, developing and growing the business.

He extended his orchards, negotiated contracts with local and national supermarkets, he opened a farm shop, and then a tea room. He also started making his own jams, biscuits, and health bars. He works a couple of days a week now and is considering his options – selling the business, allowing some external participation, or just letting the current management team continue to run it for him.

He still goes out and picks some fruit – but not often – just for the fun of it.

Four Challenges

There is a huge gap between what Harry and Jack achieved. They faced and continue to face Four Key Challenges:

1. The Compass

In an age of information overload, time poverty, vast To Do Lists that never get completed – we spend our time on busy activities but not on the important activities that will move us towards our real goals. We squander our most valuable gift – time. We lack clarity of purpose, focus and direction.

The Compass is a about looking at our time strategically. It is about defining your purpose, your vision, your values and your goals. It gives you the clarity, focus and direction that you need to do what is important in your life or your business.

It is not about how much you do, but the quality of what you do as defined by the choices you make – to be clear about your purpose, goals, and direction – to be smart about how you use your time – to be constantly focusing on your results – and to recognise that you need to have downtime and fun if you are to achieve energy and balance to do what needs to be done.

We are directed by our Compass. 

2. The Clock 

The clock is concerned with the effectiveness and efficiency with which you carry out any activities that will move you towards your chosen goals. It is about Planning, Organising and Prioritising – about To Do Lists.

It’s about productivity, workflow, getting more done in less time, procrastination, schedules, deadlines, about working on your business ……. the list goes on.

We are Driven by Our Clock.

3. Business Skills

There are all kinds of skills needed to run a business – Leadership, Marketing, Financial, Systems, Communication … the list goes on. These can be learned but need to be delegated internally or outsourced as soon as possible.

We get caught up here struggling to wear three different hats – The Entrepreneur, The Manager, and The Technician.

4. Taking Action

This is Execution Time – the ability to carry out any given task when it needs to be done whether you want to do it or not. This is one of the biggest barriers to getting things done.

The trouble is – we procrastinate – we lack clarity, focus, and direction. We seem to lack discipline, willpower, and desire – to do.

Most of all we don’t take action – we don’t do the things that need to be done – when they should be done – whether we want to do them or not. 

Build Your Business – Get Your Life Back 

We spend a huge amount of unfocused time trying to get things done, not having any clear direction or goals,  learning and practising multiple business skills, and then wondering why we get such poor business results.

And – the life you wanted when you started your business – just hasn’t happened yet. You try harder each year but you just can’t seem to manage to:

  • Make More Money

  • Find More Time

  • Enjoy More Freedom

This year I am focusing on how to help people build the business they always wanted so that they can live the life that they really want.

It’s a challenge.

It’s possible.

And I’ll be launching some new programmes in February to help you do just that.

If you’re ‘really’ interested in making some changes – give me a call or email me to have a chat as to exactly how I can help you.

Have a great week.


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