Make Your Numbers Work


Produce Monthly figures, Develop Forecasts, Analyse Profitabilty,

Make business decisions that aid Profit Recovery and Sustainability.



The 100 Day Numbers Challenge

Take it – What have you got to lose?


It’s all in the numbers 

100 Day Numbers Challenge

100 Day Numbers Challenge accelerates your understanding and use of your business numbers – to improve your performance and profitability.

Start to see your numbers in a way that makes more sense – where and how you make your money – or don’t. We’ll look at your systems, Financials, Cash Flow, Forecasts and so much more.

Identify your challenges and decide what needs to change. set Goals, make a Plan, take action – and get the results you want.

Your numbers really are critical for Business Survival and Recovery.

100 Day Numbers Challenge will help you do just that.

Your Business Numbers MOT

Your Business Numbers MOT gives you a snapshot of your business numbers, how your business is doing, and if it’s fit for purpose.

Like your car MOT – a checklist is used to test how and what numbers are produced and how that affects the performance of your business.

A report indicates how business owners can use their numbers to improve the performance and profitability of their business.

Check out your numbers and kickstart your business now.

Your Business Numbers MOT is a good place to start.

Hi – I’m Alistair

I’ve been working with businesses and numbers all my carreer.

One of my key focuses is helping to Make Your Numbers Work – the lifeblood of any business.

Many businesses have inadequate financial amd management information systems to help them understand what has happened, what is happening and what could happen in their business – and therefore lack critcal knowledge to improve the performance and profitability of their business.

So – what can I help you do? I can help you to:
1. Establish where you are now financially – both personally and in your business.
2. Develop monthly reporting.
3. Develop Forecasts of to improve decision making.
4. Help improve performance and profitability.
5. Develop a Plan of Action for the next twelve months – your road to Recovery and Sustainability.

Businesses I’ve worked with…

I’ve been working with Alistair for three years. In this time, he has helped me significantly grow my business. He has helped me set goals and work towards achieving them.

Alistair is very likeable, and his easy but focussed manner means that his coaching sessions are always productive. During the sessions he really takes time to understand any issues that I need to discuss.

Alistair has been a Finance Director…

Kirsten Boston

Managing Director, Hangar Framing

Alistair has been a valued adviser to On Site Generation over the years. Initially providing support on marketing and growing the business, Alistair’s financial skills have also been an asset to the process and he supported the development of our forecasting and accounting systems.

We have since brought in new bookkeeping & accounting services and a web based accounts package which have been key to the success of the company.

Richard Witney

Director, On Site Generation

Alistair has always been a good source of guidance and inspiration for me and my business. He is very patient and thorough and has a good understanding of business structures and figures.

As well as helping with the financials of the business, he also has a real understanding of people, which is most important.

I would highly recommend Alistair to anyone who would like to improve their business and methods.

Nicola Henderson

Partner, The Aerial Man

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