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I help CEO’s business owners, and other business professionals build great businesses that provide More Profits, More Time and More Freedom.

There is a key area that most business seem to avoid – The Numbers! When I was a Finance Director most of the other directors wanted to ‘get through’ the figures as quickly as possible and move onto something else they felt more comfortable discussing.

The yearly accounts, monthly accounts, forecasts or just management information can be very daunting – especially if there are pages and pages of figure which don’t seem to make sense. The trouble is with so much information you can’t see the wood for the tress.

You figures are the lifeblood of your business – and they paint a picture of what you did, what you are doing, and what you could do. You can set targets, measure performance, adjust prices and margins to ensure improved profits – and so much more…

… so you really must learn how to Manage Your Numbers.

Which is where I can help.


What do you want?


Maybe you want to work 3 or 4 days a week, or employ someone to run it for you so you can retire early, or at some point sell your business one day?

Whatever it is you want from your business – something you love to do, leaving a legacy behind or providing financial security – you need to know where you are going, where you are starting from, then you can develop a Plan, and take the right Actions to Execute that Plan and reach your Goals.

Your business is an integrated series of building blocks, linked by systems and processes, directed by a set of strategies, and driven by following your Purpose, Relentless Execution, a Passion for Excellence – and always Going the Extra Mile.

But growing and driving a business forward is difficult. There are so many distractions and it can all get so complex and confusing. It’s often hard to know what to do next, or you hit that growth barrier – and You Get ‘Stuck’ – and so does your business.

Which is where I can help. I’ll show you how to pull your financial information and management information together – create clarity, focus and direction. We’ll work out what’s wrong and how to fix it! Then we’ll fix it and make it work. We’ll generate more sales, more profits, more cash flow and develop better systems.

I like to simplify and present ‘your figures’ in a way that you can understand how your business is working, show you how to use that information to improve your results, and help you to build forecast and cash flow models.

I’ll show you how to step back from your business and use those numbers to grow your business, create real value in your business, and build a great business that gives you the freedom to do what you want to do.


The Support you will Receive


Manage Your Numbers is a service that focuses on helping you with a specific area of your business – your Financial Information and your Management Information.

It tends to be work that focuses on specific goals, projects and results that need to be achieved.

You can access:

  • A Financial Health Check or as I like to explain a Financial MOT. What systems do you currently have in place and how are they performing – in other words are you Fit for Purpose?
  • Monthly Financial Reporting set up or improvement.
  • Introduction to and set up of Financial Forecasting.
  • Introduction to and set up of Cash Flow Forecasting.
  • Develop or improve Management Information Reporting.
  • You might want to identify Key Performance Indicators and use them to drive your business forward in key areas…

… the list goes on!


What You Will Achieve


The main goals of Manage Your Numbers is to:

  • Develop or improve your systems for producing Financial Information and Management Information.
  • Present the Financial Information and Management Information in a way that can be easily understood.
  • Learn how to use the Financial Information and Management Information to make better business decisions, improve results and profitability, and reduce certain risks to the business.

Unfortunately, there is generally a fear of figures which means that often the figures are not produced or when they are they are not used.

I see the figures and information that your business produces more like colours that make up a picture – and my job is to ‘paint a picture’ of what your business looks like at the moment and what it could look like if you achieve your goals.


Programme Details


If you want to get find out how Manage Your Figures help your business then contact me for a chat as follows:

Tel: 07981 107914


or contact me using this link.


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