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The 100 Day Profit Sprint

The 100 Day Profit Sprint helps you accelerate your business results by focusing on taking daily actions that constantly move you towards achieving your specific goals.

You’re ‘stuck’ – you need to kick-start your business to overcome specific challenges, focus on key opportunities, improve your performance and results, and start getting the important things done…

… then The 100 Day Profit Sprint is for you.

Blue Sky Mentoring

Blue Sky Mentoring helps CEO’s, business owners, and business professionals – by providing impartial and independent help to move their business forward and develop their business and leadership skills.

You’re ‘stuck’ – because you can’t step back and take time to ‘work on your business’ – to think and plan strategically – and make sure you are enjoying the journey…

… then Blue Sky Mentoring is for you.

The Profit Builder Blueprint

The Profit Builder Blueprint runs for 6 to 12 months – looks at your whole business – to improve your performance and results and take your business to the next level.

You’re ‘stuck’ – you’re wearing too many hats, trying to do too many things, spending too much time on the detail, and your business has stopped growing or you can’t control the growth. You’d like to develop an exit strategy…

… then The Profit Builder Blueprint is for you.

Manage Your Numbers

Manage Your Numbers – I like to simplify and present ‘your figures’ in a way that you can understand how your business is working.

You’re ‘stuck’ yearly accounts, monthly accounts, forecasts or just management information can be very daunting – especially if there are pages and pages of figures which don’t seem to make sense to you ...

… then Manage Your Numbers is for you.

Hi – I’m Alistair

I help CEO’s, business owners, and other professionals build successful and profitable businesses.

They tell me they have too many distractions, too much to do – and not enough time to step back and work out how to move the business forward and make it work properly…

… and many of them don’t know what to do next as they hit the frustrating growth barrier – and they get ‘Stuck’.

I’ve spent 25 years learning how to run and build businesses – and I like to think that I have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you get ‘Unstuck’ – by helping you to increase your profits, find more time, and experience the freedom to do the things you really want to do.

Businesses I’ve worked with…

I’ve been working with Alistair for three years. In this time, he has helped me significantly grow my business. He has helped me set goals and work towards achieving them.

Alistair is very likeable, and his easy but focussed manner means that his coaching sessions are always productive. During the sessions he really takes time to understand any issues that I need to discuss.

Alistair has been a Finance Director…

Kirsten Boston

Managing Director, Hangar Framing

Alistair has been a valued adviser to On Site Generation over the years. Initially providing support on marketing and growing the business, Alistair’s financial skills have also been an asset to the process and he supported the development of our forecasting and accounting systems.

We have since brought in new bookkeeping & accounting services and a web based accounts package which have been key to the success of the company.

It is always…

Richard Witney

Director, On Site Generation

Alistair has always been a good source of guidance and inspiration for me and my business. He is very patient and thorough and has a good understanding of business structures and figures.

As well as helping with the financials of the business, he also has a real understanding of people, which is most important.

I would highly recommend Alistair to anyone who would like to improve their business and methods.

Nicola Henderson

Partner, The Aerial Man

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I Help Build Great Businesses



Get The Business Builder Toolkit

12 Tools to Improve Sales, Increase Profits – and Find More Time Each Day… in Only 30 Days



The Business Builder Toolkit

12 Tools to Improve Sales, Increase Profits - and Find More Time Each Day... in Only 30 Days


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